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Prof. dr. Frederik Truyen (°1961) is associate professor at the faculty of Arts, Leuven University. He publishes on E-Learning, Philosophy of Information, Epistemology and Social Theories of Knowledge. Coordinator ICT for Humanities and Social Sciences at Leuven University since 2006. Head of the Computer Dept. of The Faculty of Arts K.U.Leuven from 1989 till now. In charge of CS/Media (MediaLab Institute for Cultural Studies). PhD in Philosophy (Logic) in 1991, on a study into Gottlob Frege’s Theory on Object and Concept. Professor at the Faculty of Arts in Information Science since 1997. Teaches Information  Science (for History, Archaeology and Area Studies), Quantitative methods and Web technology. Active on ICT at several levels of the University, mostly related to Web technology and E-Learning; currently chairman of the ICT council for Humanities and Social Sciences at the University. Fred Truyen is Board Member of the Leuven Institute for Irish Studies and is currently involved in many projects on Open Educational Resources, such as OER-HE and Net-CU.

Read an interview with prof. Truyen on ancient tradition and modern technologies here

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Caroline Stockman(°1987) is currently active in the field where education meets technology. Firstly, she works at the Faculty of Arts of the Catholic University of Leuven as a lecturing assistant for the course of ‘Online Publishing’,  a key subject in the Master’s degree of Cultural Studies. Within this degree, she also coordinates the internships. Her time is divided between mainland Europe and the UK, where she trains schools and other education systems in the use of educational software, in close relation with companies such as Televic Education. Her PhD research focuses on technology acceptance and integration in education.  

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